Bangalore Sightseeing

The city of Bangalore has developed from a quiet, laid back, old world charming city to a modern metropolitan high-tech one. There is a lot to see and do in bustling Bangalore for a tourist, who wishes to explore the heritage and various cultures that have been handed down through the ages. The weather that is moderate and pleasant for most parts of the year makes Bangalore sightseeing trips instructive and enjoyable for the tourists.

The best way to cover a lot of ground on a day tour and take in temples, palaces, churches and museums, is to take the conducted day bus tour. The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (KSTDC) offers hop-on hop-off tours that take you to interesting landmarks, such as the Tipu Sultan palace, the famous Bull Temple, Lalbagh gardens, Ulsoor Lake, Vidhana Soudha and the Museum. If you have the time, you should take the day tour which includes a trip to Raja-rajeshwari Temple, drive through the Bannerghatta National Park, around the Sankey Boat Club to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. The other places that the ride covers are the ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna-Chandra Temple, Anjaneya temple and the wondrous Musical Fountain that is a pleasure to see, at night.

Bangalore Palace

To enjoy Bangalore sightseeing, check out the “Curitoba” air-conditioned buses that have been introduced by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation that offers “Bangalore Round” to tourists, who wish to take in the various sites in Bangalore in comfort.

Some of you may prefer to hire cabs, to make a quick tour of the places on your own.  due to limited time constraints.  Enjoy a few hours at Tipu Sultan’s Palace which was built nearly 220 years ago. The minarets and paintings on the walls and ceiling are still visible including the ornamental arches. It is no wonder that this place was known as Rashik-e-jannat (Envy of Heaven.)

The other places, where you can visit on your own at leisure, are the imposing 46m high Vidhana Soudha monument where the Legislative Chambers of the State Government are located.  Take a stroll in Cubbon Park, which was built in 1864, though it is not possible to cover the 300 acres in one day.   The Government Aquarium is interesting for children as well as adults. Visit the oldest Fort in Kempe Gowda that was built as far back as 1537 and the Ganapathy Temple if you are in that part of the city.

For those who wish to feel the pulse and learn more about the history of Bangalore in early days, a walking tour is recommended.  The Victorian Walks start in the morning around 7 am when the guide, who is a local resident, takes you down memory lane starting from the Holy Trinity Church on M.G Road. As you walk down, you are regaled with stories of how life was in the days, when the British Cantonment was established in Bangalore.

Bangalore High Court

Enjoy the Green Heritage Walk that takes you across the sprawling gardens and historic stone formations of Lal Bagh.  Visit the Lal Bagh Glass House that once displayed the most exotic flora that was brought in from England.  The other walks in the city include a culture walk in Basavanagudi and an Old City (Medieval Bengaluru) history walk that starts at Mysore Bank Kempe Gowda Road. We Bangaloreans, are proud of our city and do not hesitate to help tourists, who look for directions or need assistance to find their way around the city.

Make sure you set aside time for Bangalore sightseeing as there is a lot to do in the daytime and enjoy the evenings as you have a plethora options for fine dining and light entertainment. Look for home stays if you wish to interact with locals and learn more about how people enjoy themselves in “namma Bangeluru”.

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