One Day Trip from Bangalore

When you live in the Garden City of Bangalore, it is a joy to spend time in a place which is not too hot, or too cold, but just the right climate where you can travel around the city and to nearby places quite easily. There are a huge number of different places to visit from here, and one day trip from Bangalore are easy to come by as there are several different places you can visit for a short day trip. Whether you live in the city, work in the city, or are there just as part of your travel plan, it is always a good idea to check out the local spots which are a must-see. You can have an impromptu picnic, set up a meal there, or do a lot of other things if you can get away for the weekend. In short, there are plenty of things for you to do besides roaming around Lalbagh.

There are quite a few notable places you can visit, both in and around Bangalore. One of them is definitely the beautiful city of Mysore which is about a day’s journey. On that road there are quite a few things to see. If you are interested in keeping to the city, one of the places that would amuse you is the Bangalore Zoo that is located on the Bannerghata Road. Wonderla is another fun place to visit, especially if you have kids, because an amusement park is always welcome for kids of all age. What you should be doing in case you are going to either of these places is to keep some sunscreen and water bottles handy, because they would be energetic trips for you.

If you are into wineries and wine tasting, then one of the most rewarding little trips can be made to the vineyards nearby. Grover Vineyards on Nandi Hills is one of the places you can go to. You would have to book ahead of course, and ask for permissions, but the trip is a must for any lover of wine. Grover is steadily becoming one of the top names for wine in India, and you can also check out the Heritage Vineyards on the Bangalore-Mysore Road which is also quite famous. You must ask for permission, and if possible, send an email to any of these groups to make an appointment. Both these places are perfect for day trips as they are within 50 km from Bangalore, so going off and returning would not be a problem.

If you want a heritage one day trip from Bangalore then you should cast your eyes to the beautiful Bangaru Tirupati temple. This beautiful holy pilgrimage is not very far from Bangalore and makes for a perfect day trip where you can devote yourself to the sights and sounds of holiness. Another beautiful place around Bangalore is Devarayana Durga, which is a small hill station of sorts with a lovely Lakshmi Narayana Temple located there. Though this place is about 80 km from Bangalore, it is a great place to live in.

If you are an art lover, then Lepakshi is the place to be. Around 120 km from Bangalore, Lepakshi is famous for the ancient relics left behind by the Vijaynagar Kingdom of the ancient times. A long time back, this was one of the famous places where the birth of a specific genre of Indian painting was born. Lepakshi is a beautiful place where you would see amazing murals and be awed by the deft strokes which has been preserved for over thousands of years. So if you are thinking of making a one day trip from Bangalore, you have plenty of options.

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