Balmuri Falls

If you are really stressed out in Bangalore and really want to get away from the city to see waterfalls near Bangalore a while to relax and rejuvenate yourself an excellent place to go is definitely the beautiful and peaceful Balmuri Falls. Just a few kilometres away from Mysore, the falls are a wonderful getaway for the tired souls, and you would love the air and the weather, and adore the way the place looks. It is a place that can be accessed any time of the year, and there is no “special season” when you should be going. That makes this place a versatile tourist spot. Go for a picnic, some water sport, or just to relax at the side of the falls, and you would feel at ease with the world once again. Also, you can pack lunch with you or eat at one of the numerous eateries here, depending on your taste buds and food choices. The options for stay are limited, so it is a better idea to stay at Mysore. A good choice is The Windflower Resort and Spa, Mysore.

What really attracts us to the falls? This man-made falls was created as part of a Cauvery river project, and it is just around 11 kilometers away from the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. The waterfall is controlled and quite nice to look at. It is not a big waterfall by any means, but it is ideal as a picnic spot and has a free fishing ground for those who are interested, which means this is a good place for anglers to go to. If you are coming from Bangalore, then you would have to travel around 150 kilometers. Though the roads are mostly fine, while accessing, around 4-5 kilometers might not be very smooth while travelling from Mysore. The ideal way to travel would be to come here via Mysore, which is the nearest railway station, though. The falls are the main attraction, and you can pack a picnic, and come for a day trip, or stay the night at Mysore, which is around 18-19 kilometres away. Water sports can be done here, and if you want to swim, this place is ideal. The location is also known for being the spot for many Kannada and Tamil shooting scenes, and you might just stumble upon one if you are here.

You can visit the famous Krishna Raja Sagar dam from here, which is just about 8 kilometres away. Another great spot to walk over to is the Edmuri Falls, which is just about 500 feet from the Balmuri Falls. So you would have plenty of things to do through the day. If you are tired of the sun and the heat, swimming is a good way to relax the body. It is a good idea to visit the place during weekdays, since on weekends the place is more crowded. On holidays, this is a favourite spot to visit, so be cautious if you are not a big fan of people, and would rather love to spend a quiet and lazy day. So, come over to the beauty of the Balmuri Falls, and leave rejuvenated and happy after a day well spent.

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