Chunchi Falls

About 90 kilometres away from the city of Bangalore, the Chunchi Falls or Chunchi falls is one of the most beautiful sights in Karnataka. It is one of the waterfalls near Bangalore, is a popular and a favourite weekend spot, and also a place which is easily accessible by car or bus. The best way to reach the falls is by car or bus. There is bus service available, which gets you as far as the stoppage Mekedatu, a few kilometres off from the falls. You can walk down the river and enjoy the serenity and peace of the place, and reach the Chunchi Falls. Also, you can choose to drive up right to the falls, and enjoy the glorious scene which would await you there. If you are driving, you need to reach Yelegudi village by car, from there you need to drive over to the falls. The falls is located near Sangama and Kanakapura.

The best time to visit the place is from the months of June to August, when the river is in full flow. There are not many available places to stay here, so be cautious and do not make plans to stay overnight without securing any form of place to stay over. The falls themselves have no real hotels nearby, and you can try to secure a place in Kanakapura, which is difficult, so the better path is to go for a day trip and stay over at Bangalore. This is a good day trip from Bangalore.

Another thing you must remember when you go is to carry your food and water with you. Kanakapura, which is 3 kilometres or so away, has got a petrol pump and food, but it is better to carry your own food and water, as it might not be the most reliable or sanitary food you have had. Another thing you should carry is sunblock cream, as you might have to travel around in the day and walk around quite a bit. While visiting the Chunchi Falls, make sure you are not going there during the off-season, as the river dries up during that time, and the falls are not a very impressive sight to see. To enjoy the falls properly, you need to go there in the season.

It is difficult to secure taxis from Bangalore to the falls, so make your reservations beforehand if you are taking a cab. Also, the terrain is quite rocky, so part of your journey would be jarring and slightly unpleasant. If you can overcome them, then the falls that wait for you more than make up for your pain. A bit of climbing is needed to go near the falls, and if you are the adventurous type, you can do a bit of trekking, or go for an overnight stay with a campfire on. A good idea would be to bring a bunch of friends and make an impromptu barbecue near the falls. It is a good idea to carry the ingredients of the barbecue with you, and bring a lot of water, since the water here is not very sanitary.

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