Jog Falls

Also known as the Gerusoppe falls, Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi, the beautiful Jog Falls are a sight worth seeing as one of the waterfalls near Bangalore. Situated in Sagar of the Shimoga District of Karnataka, this is the second largest plunge waterfall of India, the largest being the Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya. The total height of the water from which it falls is 829 feet or 253 meters, and it is a breath taking sight to watch the waterfall in action. There are four separate streams of water which comprises into the waterfall. These streams are named Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket, and together they create the amazing view of the huge sheets of water plunging down in all its glory. While in Karnataka, do not miss out on seeing this beautiful location, and make a plan to include this in your trip. The Jog Falls is also a great weekend trip from places like Bangalore, roughly 350-odd Kilometres away. It is also around 200 Kilometres away from the Mangalore city, and the Pune airport is around 500 Kilometres away.

How to Reach Jog Falls and Modes of Transportation

If you are coming from Bangalore, the area is well-connected, with the nearest bus station at Sagar which is roughly 30 km. away. From Sagar, you can choose an array of transportation to reach the falls, and cabs can be arranged. You can reach the falls straight from the Mangalore airport, where you can choose from AC and Non-AC services, and go for a round trip, which would make the falls a one-day trip. You can also choose to reach the falls in a car, and can make it into a long drive from Bangalore or Mangalore, as well as an overnight trip. Bus service is available from Sagar as well as other parts of Shimoga district to the location, and you can avail them easily, as the service is very prompt as well as frequent. So reaching the location is definitely not a problem.

Major Attractions, Hotels, and Significance of the falls

There are hotels where you can stay as well, like the KSTDC Mayura Gerusoppa,Jog Falls and Samrat Hotel. When you are visiting, you can walk down to the base and the falls and take a plunge into the cold water. The cold water of the falls would rejuvenate you. The ideal time for visiting the falls is around July to September, where you can see the waterfall in all its glory, swollen from the monsoon rains that were trapped at the Linganmakki Dam nearby, and released soon after the monsoons are over. The view of the falls just after the water from the dam is released is a sight which is going to make you speechless.

The falls are part of the Mahatma Gandhi Hydro Electricity Project and are associated with the Linganmakki Dam over the river Sharavathi. This is a project that generates vast amount of hydroelectricity and is therefore an important component of the power-production of the area. So, the Jog Falls is not just beautiful, but beneficial too!

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